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Molten globules of glass that have come straight from the furnace ready to be blown are the inspiration behind the Bead and Top lights. This pendant light distorts the light as it filters through the dense raw glass to give a magical luminosity. These lights are mouth blown and are exceptionally hardwearing and satisfyingly heavy. Glass Light is also availble in a different shape, Bead. Can be hung in multiples using our Pendant System. Compatible with Megaman 3W LED Light Bulb

Dimensions & Specification

Technical Specification
Product type : Lighting
Product family : Glass
Product SKU : GLS07-PEUM2
Launched : 2012
Colours : BlueBlue
Diameter(cm) : 13.50
Height(cm) : 12.00
Weight : 0.85 Kgs

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  • Glass Top
  • Glass Top
  • Glass Top
  • Glass Top
  • Glass Top
  • Glass Top


  • Glass Top
  • Glass Top

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