Tom Dixon has collaborated with Philips Lumiblade, part of world leading electronics company Royal Philips Electronics, to develop Flat Lamp, a unique collection of light bulbs incorporating Philips' revolutionary OLED technology.

A complete first in the next generation of illumination, Lumiblade OLEDs (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) are an evolution of SSL's(Solid State Lighting).

The most important design feature is the slenderness of OLEDs. Layers of electrodes are sandwiched on a single sheet of glass, like a traditional light bulb but compressed into a flat disc.

Tom Dixon is among the very first to use this light source and the design of Flat Lamp capitalises on the super-thin technology.

Flat Lamp is available in three different shapes; Strip, Round and Square and is presented through chandeliers, a floor light, wall and table light and launches Milan Salone Del Mobile.